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A major airline concerned about the effect of low-cost competitors in their market created a piece of music. Some took the role of competitor and joined in the piece, playing out the dynamics of the market as the groups reacted to each other. We re-ran the exercise several times, testing out the effect of a range of competitive responses.

A director wished to respond better with her team when under stress, and based on her briefing, we played out the different interpersonal relationships using musical instruments. The client was able to choose how she responded to her team’s demands, and is able to refer back to that experience even years later, whenever she feels the need to stay in control.

A large university department explored the meaning of its values. We asked each group of staff to represent a value using music and visual expression, following which the groups reviewed each others’ work. The groups also discussed ways in which the process of creating the artworks gave further insights about each of the values and the implications for the way everyone works together.